Industria Wohnen

Property management business INDUSTRIA WOHNEN operates and maintains residential real estate assets on behalf of private and institutional investors. Our portfolio includes apartments located in Germany’s economic powerhouse conurbations and metropolitan areas. As a specialist in residential property investment with far-ranging experience, we open the door for our clients to enjoy German housing prospects and opportunities. In this way, we not only secure lasting returns for our customers but also offer an end-to-end palette of investment-related services. Our employees’ exceptional savvy paired with our extensive solutions add up to customer service that’s second to none.

What we do for you

- Acquisition of residential properties including due diligence
- Portfolio management for own and third party portfolios
- Construction management incl. maintenance and modernisation
- Real estate sales of existing and new properties
- Letting and management of residential portfolios
- Economic and responsible action: process optimisation, cost reduction and yield increase

Facts & figures

- 4.5 billion euros in assets under management
- A total of 18,600 residential units are managed
- Experience from almost 70 years of activity in the real estate market
- Scope Award Winner 2022: Best Asset Manager Institutional Real Estate Residential
- Net target rent p.a. of around 145 million euros
- New special funds in preparation

Our Management

 "Residential real estate must not only bring returns. They must also meet ecological, social and architectural requirements." 

Arnaud Ahlborn
Managing Director INDUSTRIA WOHNEN GmbH

Arnaud Ahlborn's secretariat:
Angelika Wagner
Tel. 069 838398-64
E-mail: angelika.wagner@industria-wohnen.de

"To be successful in the real estate industry in the long term, you must always and very consistently put the clients' wishes first."

Jürgen Hau
Managing Director INDUSTRIA WOHNEN GmbH

Jürgen Hau's secretariat:
Gisela Lehna
Phone: 069 838398 63
E-mail: gisela.lehna@industria-wohnen.de