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Status: January 6, 2023

We collect, process and use data when you use this website. Because the protection of our users' privacy when using this website is important to us, we would like to provide the following information about which personal data we collect when providing the website and how we handle this data.


  1. Responsible body / contact to the data protection officer

    Becken Holding GmbH, Esplanade 41, 20354 Hamburg (hereinafter also referred to as "Becken" or "we"), represented by the management, is responsible for the data processing described in this privacy policy.
    You can contact our data protection officer at

    General data processing
    We automatically collect and store certain data when you use the website. This includes: the IP address or device ID assigned to the respective end device, which we require for the transmission of requested content (e.g. in particular content, texts, images and product information as well as files made available for download, etc.), the type of the respective end device, the URL of the previously visited website, the browser type and operating system used as well as the date and time of use.

    This data processing is carried out to enable the use of the website. If necessary, these processing operations are also carried out by service providers who act as processors on our behalf.
    In addition, we retain this information for a maximum of 7 days for the purposes of detecting and tracking misuse.
    Otherwise, we delete or anonymize the usage data, including the IP addresses, immediately as soon as they are no longer required for the aforementioned purposes.

    The data is processed on the basis of legal regulations that permit data processing because it is necessary for the provision of the website to the user (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b GDPR), or because we have a legitimate interest in ensuring the security and functionality of the service and its proper use, without this being opposed by an overriding interest of the data subjects (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR).

    Use of cookies
    We use so-called cookies on our website. Cookies are small files that are stored on users' end devices. Different information can be stored within the cookies. A cookie is primarily used to store information about a user (or the device on which the cookie is stored) during or after their visit to a website.

    On our website, we only use cookies that are technically absolutely necessary to securely enable the functions and services of our service that you have requested (e.g. when you interact with a plugin or map integrated on the website).
    This procedure is based on legal regulations that allow information to be stored on or accessed from an end user's device because this is absolutely necessary to provide a telemedia service expressly requested by the user, such as your visit to our website (Section 25 (2) No. 2 TTDSG). The associated processing of personal data is based on our overriding legitimate interest and is necessary in order to provide you with the website (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b GDPR).

    Most internet browsers allow you to block cookies in general. You can configure your browser settings accordingly and block the acceptance of cookies, for example by following the instructions for the browser you are using, which are available at, or, if possible, by using another technical tool. However, we would like to point out that you may then no longer be able to use all the functions of this website.

    You can send us your application documents by e-mail. We also use the integration of an HR tool we use for this purpose to display job advertisements on our website. As an alternative to sending us your application documents by e-mail, you can also apply to us via this HR tool. The operator of this tool is Personio GmbH & Co. KG ("Personio"), which processes your personal data on our behalf and exclusively for the purposes specified by us.

    We process the personal data you provide in your application, such as name and address, as well as contact and communication data such as telephone number and e-mail address and the documents you provide, for the purpose of processing your application and carrying out the respective application and recruitment process. We may forward your application documents to the relevant specialist department and to companies affiliated with Becken Holding GmbH if the position to be filled is located there. We store your application documents for 6 months after completion of the respective application process.

    The data is processed on the basis of legal regulations that permit data processing because it is necessary for the implementation of the application procedure (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b GDPR and Section 26 para. 1 BDSG).

    When you apply for a job with us, we record your first name, surname and date of birth, details of the position in question and the date of your application for this position in our applicant database so that we can recognize you in the event of future applications.

    The data is processed on the basis of legal regulations that permit data processing because we have a legitimate interest in ensuring the consistency and efficiency of the application process without this being opposed by an overriding interest of the data subjects (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR).

    You can forward job descriptions to other people. Forwarding takes place via your e-mail account. Only a link to the respective job description will be sent.

    Press area
    In order to access the non-public press area of our website, you must send us an e-mail to one of the addresses listed there, stating your name, job title and, if applicable, your current employer. We will process this information solely for the purpose of checking whether we can accredit you for the press area. If the check is positive, we will send you a password to the e-mail address you used. You can use this password to log into the press area in future.

    The data is processed on the basis of legal regulations that permit data processing because it is necessary to enable the individually requested access to the press area of our website (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b GDPR), and because we have a legitimate interest in regulating access to press content and material accordingly, without this being opposed by an overriding interest of the data subjects (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR).

    If you send us an inquiry, we will process your name, address, email address and the other information you provide for the purpose of processing the inquiry and for possible follow-up questions.

    We may forward your inquiry to our affiliated companies and sales partners if this is necessary to process and respond to your inquiry, for example because your inquiry relates to a specific project (e.g. purchase and rental inquiries). The data is processed on the basis of legal regulations that permit data processing because it is necessary for the processing of your inquiries (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b GDPR).

    After finally answering your request, we will delete your request and information on its processing within a period of three years after the end of the respective calendar year.

    Integrated third-party content
    We have also integrated content from third-party providers on our website. This content is loaded from the servers of the respective providers so that your end device transmits certain technically necessary data to the third-party provider. In particular, it cannot be ruled out that these providers may take note of the IP address assigned to you. Insofar as personal data is processed by the third-party provider, this is done on the basis of the data protection declarations of the respective third-party providers. We base the integration by us on our legitimate interests in being able to provide our users with the corresponding content and functionalities and to be able to operate our website economically and the fact that the legitimate interests of our users do not outweigh this, Art. 6 para. 1 sentence 1 lit. f GDPR. We integrate the following third-party content:

    - Google Maps
    We use Google Maps on our website to display interactive maps directly on our website. Google Maps is a service for displaying maps that is provided for users in the EU by Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland ("Google"). The integration of Google Maps on our website serves to display the location of the construction projects presented on the website.
    Google collects usage data from you when you visit our website, such as the source page ("referrer URL") or the IP address. Google also processes data for its own purposes, such as the provision or improvement of the service, and is therefore itself responsible for data processing.
    You can find out more about Google's handling of your data in Google's privacy policy, available at
    Data is only transferred to Google if you activate a map integrated into the website by clicking on a corresponding area when using our website. In this case, the data is transferred on the basis of legal regulations that allow us to process personal data insofar as it is necessary for the use of a service or the fulfillment of a contract (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b GDPR) or because we have a legitimate interest in being able to present the location of the construction project to you in the best possible way (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR).

    - Vimeo
    We integrate videos from Vimeo. Vimeo is a service of Vimeo Inc, 555 West 18th Street New York, New York 10011, USA.
    On some subpages of our website we show videos via the integrated Vimeo player, which serve the external presentation of our company by presenting the object and philosophy of our company to visitors to our website.
    When you access one of these subpages, your browser transmits some of your personal data, e.g. your IP address and the website from which you access the Vimeo player, to servers provided by Vimeo.
    If you have a Vimeo user account and are logged into it when you access the subpage, Vimeo links the transmitted information to your user account. You can prevent this by logging out of your user account before accessing the subpage and deleting cookies set by Vimeo.
    Further information on how Vimeo processes your personal data can be found in Vimeo's privacy policy, available at
    Data is only transferred to Vimeo if you activate a video integrated into the website by clicking on a corresponding area when using our website. In this case, data is transferred on the basis of legal regulations that allow us to process personal data insofar as it is necessary for the use of a service or the fulfillment of a contract (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b GDPR) or because we have an overriding legitimate interest in providing you quickly and reliably with the content and values that make up our company (Art. 6 para. 1 sentence 1 lit. f GDPR).
    There is no adequacy decision by the EU Commission for the USA. We have therefore concluded the standard data protection clauses approved by the EU Commission with Vimeo in accordance with Art. 46 para. 2 lit. c GDPR.

    - Use of SalesViewer® technology:
    This website uses SalesViewer® technology from SalesViewer® GmbH to collect and store data for marketing, market research and optimization purposes on the basis of the website operator's legitimate interests (Art. 6(1)(f) GDPR).

    For this purpose, a javascript-based code is used to collect company-related data and use it accordingly. The data collected with this technology is encrypted using a non-reversible one-way function (so-called hashing). The data is immediately pseudonymized and is not used to personally identify the visitor to this website.

    The data stored in the context of Salesviewer will be deleted as soon as it is no longer required for its intended purpose and the deletion does not conflict with any statutory retention obligations.

    You can object to the collection and storage of data at any time with effect for the future by clicking on this link to prevent the collection by SalesViewer® within this website in the future. An opt-out cookie for this website will be stored on your device. If you delete your cookies in this browser, you must click on this link again.

    8. use of the whistleblower system "Trusty"
    We use an internal web-based whistleblower system called "Trusty", which is provided by Trusty AG, Riedstrasse 7, 6330 Cham, Switzerland, and operated on our behalf. In accordance with the decision of the EU Commission, Switzerland has an adequate level of data protection(
    Trusty is used to receive and process information about suspected violations and abuses in our company in a secure and confidential manner. Trusty is used voluntarily by the respective whistleblower.
    The following personal data is processed in this context:

    - Personal data of the whistleblower, if provided: full name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, relationship to Becken;
    - personal data of the persons suspected of being involved in the breach/misconduct and of the persons who know about the breach/misconduct, if provided: full name, position, organization; a factual description of the breach/misconduct and a description of the circumstances of the incident, including the time and place of the incident;
    - personal data of Becken authorized users of the Application: full name, email address, role at Becken.
    All communication between Trusty and the web browser takes place without the processing of IP addresses, time stamps or other metadata of the reporting person. In order to maintain the connection between the reporting person's web browser and Trusty, a cookie containing only the session ID is stored on the reporting person's desktop. The cookie is only valid until the end of the session and becomes invalid when the browser is closed.

    When submitting a report or additional information, the reporting person can also attach documents to the report. We would like to point out that attached files may contain hidden personal data that could reveal their identity. Such data should therefore be removed if the reporting person wishes to remain anonymous. If the removal of such data is not possible, it is recommended to send the documents in PDF format or in paper form to the above-mentioned contact details.
    The processing of personal data within the framework of the whistleblower system is based on the legitimate interest of Becken or a company affiliated with Becken in the detection and prevention of wrongdoing and the associated prevention of damage and liability risks for the Becken Group (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR). If a report received concerns an employee of Becken, the
    processing also serves to investigate or prevent criminal offenses or other legal violations in connection with the employment relationship (Section 26 (1) BDSG), provided that there are factual indications that give rise to a corresponding suspicion.
    The processed personal data will be deleted within a period of 2 years at the end of the calendar year following the final assessment of a reported incident, unless statutory retention obligations require longer storage.

    Deletion/blocking of your data
    Unless otherwise described in this privacy policy, we will only store your personal data for as long as is necessary to achieve the purposes stated here or as provided for in a statutory retention period. Thereafter, the relevant data will be routinely blocked or deleted in accordance with the statutory provisions.

    Other disclosure of data
    Your personal data will only be disclosed without your express prior consent in the following cases in addition to the other cases mentioned in this privacy policy:

    - If it is necessary to clarify an illegal or abusive use of the service or for legal prosecution, personal data will be forwarded to the law enforcement authorities and, if necessary, to injured third parties. However, this only happens if there are concrete indications of unlawful or abusive behavior. Data may also be passed on if this serves to enforce terms of use or other agreements. Our legitimate interest in data processing lies in ensuring the proper functioning of our website and the service and, if necessary, in asserting, exercising or defending legal claims.
    - We are also legally obliged to provide information to certain public authorities on request. These are law enforcement authorities, authorities that prosecute administrative offenses subject to fines and the tax authorities.
    - Occasionally, we may rely on contractually affiliated third-party companies and external service providers located outside the EU or EEA to provide the website functionalities described in this privacy policy, for example for our customer service or hosting of the service. In such cases, information is passed on to these companies or individuals to enable them to continue processing. These external service providers are carefully selected and regularly checked by us to ensure that your privacy is protected and may only use the data for the purposes specified by us. They are also contractually obliged by us to treat your data exclusively in accordance with this privacy policy and German data protection laws. Insofar as this concerns entities outside the EU or the EEA, we ensure an appropriate level of data protection, for example by concluding corresponding contracts or certifications of the respective data controller
    - As part of the further development of our business, the structure of our company may change by changing its legal form, founding, buying or selling subsidiaries, parts of the company or components. In such transactions, customer information is passed on together with the part of the company to be transferred. Whenever personal data is passed on to third parties to the extent described above, we ensure that this is done in accordance with this data protection declaration and the relevant data protection laws.

    Right to information / other data subject rights
    You have the right to obtain information about the personal data stored about you at any time. If the relevant requirements are met, you may also be entitled to the following rights:

    - Right to rectification: You have the right to have incorrect personal data concerning you rectified.
    - Right to erasure: You can also request the erasure of your personal data, for example if your data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or otherwise processed.
    - Right to restriction of processing: You also have the right to request the restriction of the processing of your personal data; in such a case, the data will be blocked for any processing. This right exists in particular if the accuracy of the personal data is disputed between you and us.
    - Right to data portability: If we process your personal data for the performance of a contract with you or on the basis of your consent, you also have the right to receive your personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, if and insofar as you have provided us with the data.
    In addition, you may object to data processing on grounds relating to your particular situation. However, this only applies in cases in which we process data to fulfill a legitimate interest of Becken Holding GmbH or a third party. If you can present such a reason and we cannot assert a compelling interest worthy of protection in further processing, we will no longer process this data for the respective purpose.
    The other rights of objection described in this privacy policy remain unaffected by this.

    If you would like information about the personal data stored by Becken Holding GmbH, would like to assert your other rights or have questions about data protection with us, you can contact us either by post (Becken Holding GmbH, Data Protection Department, Esplanade 41, 20354 Hamburg) or by e-mail at Once we have responded to your request, we will delete your request three years after the end of the respective calendar year.

    You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority at any time, in particular with a supervisory authority in the Member State of your habitual residence, place of work or place of the alleged infringement if you consider that the processing of personal data relating to you infringes data protection regulations.


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